Online learning module for ScotGEN featuring Fetal Pathology. This module has been several years in the making. Produced in collaboration with specialists and professionals in this very delicate field of medicine.

The learning module has several areas of expertise:

  • Skeletal Dysplasia
  • Placental defects
  • Neurological defects
  • Cardiological defects
  • Respiratory defects and
  • Renal defects.

Each defect is discussed at length using several, consistent resources:

  • Introduction
  • Case study
  • References
  • Post Mortem
  • Histology
  • Radiology and, finally a
  • Discussion section.

The very sensitive nature of this project requires full anonymity of case studies, images, scans and histology samples. Additionally, the viewing of this module is only accessed via a secure server and cannot be viewed without authorised permission. It is therefore not available online.

The learning module went through several development stages; initially created with Macromedia Dreamweaver and later on, with BlueGriffon WYSIWYG editor. Each of the forty cases discussed required editing in Word, transported to the text editor and embellished with images which were edited for client information and identity. Hundreds of references are included as well links to online publications and resources.

There are over 100 pages of HTML, videos and Powerpoint presentations – all individually created by Photocomedia.Uk.

The project was funded by ScotGEN and we are indebted to them for their support throughout the project’s creation and completion.