Recently, I decided to release my hold on my medium format photography equipment. It had cost me thousands of pounds but it had served me well over the years.

So with all the bits and bobs photographed I started the horrendous task of setting up my shop on ebay. Over 20 items were listed and I didn’t expect much response, not for a couple of days.

The list included:

  • Bronica ETRSi – full kit of body, 120 back, 75mm PE lens, WLFinder – all in a box
  • Bronica ETRS body
  • 120 film backs
  • 150mm MC lens
  • Metz SCA flash cable
  • Bronica Speedgrip
  • Bronica 50mm PE lens & hood

After two weeks onsale, they are all sold! Unbelievable and sadly, all gone and hopefully getting used again.


Analogue Photography is still flourishing

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