I have a professional lens which went on sale on ebay. Over the three weeks of selling it had numerous ‘watchers’ and several bidders. However, none of the bids were serious enough for me to accept the offer. In the end I removed the listing.

Why did I do that? Because while on ebay, every bidder was after a bargain and none were prepared to meet the basic asking price. This price was to cover the real value, the selling fee and the postage.

There are hundreds of resellers out there who prey on ebay looking for targets where they can make a killing on unsuspecting genuine sellers. You can tell because they harass you for the cheapest price or try to haggle but really not interested in the product.

So be warned. Look for the sales history of the bidder/watcher as those in the hundreds are doing this for business.

Lenses to die for!

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